Project Partners

Countries involved in the Project

  • Unimetrik
  • Trimek
  • SIOS
  • IBS
  • Datapixel
  • Nascatec
  • Noliac
  • Philips
  • Mahr
  • Innovalia Association
  • PTB
  • Tekniker
  • CMI
  • DTU
  • TU Ilmenau


NanoCMM: Universal and Flexible Coordinate Metrology for Micro and Nano Components Production

NanoCMM is an IP project funded by the EC under the NMP Programme of the FP6. It addresses the priority area “Development of new processes and flexible intelligent manufacturing systems”.

Metrology is an integral part of each step in the chain from development, through the run-in of production, purchasing and process control, down to the inspection of sold and purchased parts, and to arbitration in the case of disagreement. This project shall create the know-how and the technology for flexible universal Dimensional Metrology in the micro- and nano-component factories of the future. Micro-component and nano-structure factories still lack such an approach to metrology, which is as simple to apply (user friendly, flexible, universal) as coordinate metrology is in today’s macro-component factory. Filling this gap will substantially contribute to a better development-, manufacturing- and commerce-environment, because instead of needing a lot of measuring systems and methods (if they exist), only one flexible system would be required. Once the metrology hard- and software exists, it is possible to define product specifications, measurement rules and standards for the manufactured parts. Due to the today’s lack of metrology means, such specifications are virtually non-existent. In this project the first specification rules shall be developed on the basis of the made-available measurement facilities. Such specification rules and the means to verify compliance with specifications will substantially remove trade barriers (fill the legal vacuum).